Records Classification and Retention Plan

The Records Management and Archives Department (RMA) has created a tool, the Records Classification and Retention Plan (RCRP).

Every unit shall use the RCRP to organize, sort, destroy or permanently retain records produced or received during the course of their activities. Your main responsibility as a staff member is to apply the Records Management Program to documents whether they are on hard copy or electronic format.

The retention periods included in the RCRP have been established in coordination with the concerned units, it has also been reviewed by OGC before being approved by Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ). Therefore, the RCRP has a legal value and every unit must apply the retention rules stated in the RCRP.

In order to help you, RMA has put together a Training Program which explores the basics of Records Management as well as how to use the RCRP, explains the procedures to send documents to RMA and gives you guidelines on the management of emails. Offered once a month and free of charge for internal employees, the complete schedule is available on the section Records Management Training.


Rachel Marion, Records Officer
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Nathalie Parant, Records Officer
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